21 January 1900
Revised :



Click on one of the four violin pegs to hear the note you want to tune to.


The sound will continue until you press MUTE or click on another peg.


Start by breaking the grip of the peg. Rotate the peg to release the string tension slightly, then slowly increase the tension until the string matches the pitch of the sound from the computer. Always push the peg gently into its hole.

Don't let all the strings down together as there's a chance the sound post inside the violin may fall down. You'll know if it does because it will rattle. If that happens, don't tune the strings up again until the sound post has been re-fitted.


If you bring the pitch up almost to the note you can fine tune using the appropriate adjuster on the tailpiece. Turn the adjuster clockwise to raise the pitch, anti-clockwise to lower.



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Click on a peg
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