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For sale

A selection of German violins and violas c.1880-1920 for sale from £250-£850. I often have cellos and bows of interest also.

All instruments are carefully set up for response and ease of playing, with Jargar or Dominant strings. All are fitted with four adjusters.

Primavera (Chinese) violins also available with carefully-fitted pegs and Pirastro Tonica strings. Together with a case and upgraded bow, these instruments sell for £170 and represent excellent value. In addition, all Primavera instruments sold from April 2010 will have been treated with the Violin Acoustic Enhancer (see above). The results are quite spectacular!


Excellent new cellos, set up with Larsen and Spirocore strings.


I have recently bought some excellent cello bodies from Romania. I have a receipt showing they came from the workshop of Claudiu Ciurba but when I showed pictures to Claudiu, he said they were not from his workshop.

Nevertheless, they are of excellent quality.

I have added tailpin, tailpiece, sound post and French bridge. They are strung using Larsen A and D strings and Thomastik Spirocore G and C.

Length of back 78 cm. Stop length 69 cm.

The workmanship on these cellos is first rate and I do recommend them strongly. The cost is £1800 plus bow and case.


Reghin 4/4 cello

This better student cello by Reghin of Romania with Jargar strings is in good playing condition. It has a well-repaired sound post crack on the front. The price is £500 including bow. Your choise of new padded case or used Hiscox hard case in addition.


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