21 January 1900
Revised :
  • All repairs to violins, violas, cellos and double basses
  • Strings and accessories sold
  • Valuations for insurance and probate
  • All instruments carefully set up for ease of playing
  • Overnight and weekend repairs often possible
  • Postal service for repairs and accessories
  • Instruments and bows bought and sold
  • Author of Violin repair techniques in 
    The Strad December 1979





Acoustic Enhancer

for violin, viola, cello and bass


Available from £120 (UK next day), the Acoustic Enhancer is a low-voltage vibrator with an interchangeable base for use on violin, viola, cello, double bass to improve the response of new or rested instruments in a week or so. Prices include tracked postage.


Version for Acoustic Guitar or Mandolin here.

Featured in 'Accessories 2013' (The Strad October 2013) and

'Product of the Month' (The Strad April 2010).


Strings Magazine review by senior editor Greg Olwell here.

What exactly does it do? Let's see the evidence. 


One vibrator and four bases cover the whole family.


Pay by Paypal or debit/credit card (no Paypal account needed).


Not near Harrogate? Why not post your violin for repair?

It will usually cost around £10 and you will recover that on my repair charges - much lower than in the south.

So your cello neck's broken? It can be mended: I know how.
You want a student instrument which is set up to play easily? Try me.

Not sure if your child will persevere? Why not hire an instrument until you're certain?

You want the best price in at auction? I placed an Italian violin which fetched £30,000.

I've repaired a cello for a professional. It came in at 10.30pm on Saturday after a gig and was in his hands again ten hours later when he left Harrogate on the train.

A double bass on tour with an Australian orchestra was repaired in six hours.

Manufacture of new Acoustic Enhancers ended on 31 December 2023. From January 2024, I only have spares to service existing Enhancers.